The Apollo District is a residential district in Poseidonis. In the district there are several shops, such as Alexandria, a bookshop.

Alexandria Sign

Exterior of Alexandria

Emphasis is placed on the Orichalcum Tower, a great tower which holds the apartments of Poseidonis' finest people.

The Supreme Commander's apartment is on the top floor. 

A Brush With Life

A Brush with Life provides artwork to decorate homes

Rob Store Poster

An appropriate poster for the store's prices

School of Apollo

School of Apollo

TSC Recruiting Office

One of two TSC offices in the Apollo District

TSC Offices

The TSC's upper floor offices

Infoglobe Exterior


Bank of Apollo

Bank of Apollo, conveniently located next to Greenleaf. Swap out your caps for credits here.

Apollo District Info Terminals

Apollo District information terminals

Greenleaf Sign

Greenleaf, a great place for drinks

Greenleaf Waitress

Greenleaf's proprietor, Laurel Lane, who designed Greenleaf's sign herself

Golden Lion Sign

The Golden Lion, the only place for Chinese food around

Golden Lion Server

The proprietor of the Golden Lion, Zhao Yi Fan

Rob Store Sign

Visit the Rob Store for all your robotic needs

New Radiation King

The Radiation King will serve all your electronic needs


Dine at Ambrosia, the Apollo District's finest restaurant


Trident, the sole night club in the Apollo District

Ego Sign

Unsatisfied with your current hairstyle? Come to Ego and have your hair styled to your heart's desire

Ego Hair Stylist

Ego's hair stylist, Rebecca Bruer

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