The Hammerhead Armor, model designation KMZ-54, was developed by the pre-War United Soviet Socialist Republics.  General Orlov gave the armor to the TSC, and Dr. Nylus is currently in the process of turning it into Aegis power armor.


Development on the Hammerhead Armor began sometime before the Great War.  Soviet scientists had  been challenged to build power armor capable of shaming anything the US sent against it.  They succeeded.  The armor transformed the soldier wearing it into a juggernaut with the strength of a hundred men, and was the most powerful form of personal protection available.

The only problem was simple:  "One suit consumes as much power in a day as [the RCSN Presidential] compound consumes in a week."  Soviet researchers were unable to come up with a power source with sufficient energy density to be as mobile as the armor itself.  Of course, this has proven less problematic for the TSC.

The armor was shipped to the Olympus after the Commander, officially, assisted the Russians in defeating an attack on the Presidential compound.  Unofficially, of course, the Commander almost single-handedly saved the Soviet government from takeover by a small but vocal and violent minority of communist hardliners, the Bolsheviks.  It is currently being used by the TSC Hammerhead Corps, waiting for Dr. Nylus to finish the Project Aegis upgrades.



DR: 40
item HP: 1000
weight: 45
value: 740
effects: ST +2, AG -2, Radiation Resistance +10
repair: T-45d power armor
variants: None
quests: In Soviet Russia...
base id: xx14C082
DR: 8
item HP: 75
weight: 5
value: 110
effects: Radiation Resistance +3
repair: T-45d power helmet
variants: None
quests: In Soviet Russia...
base id: xx14C083