Cogitator Lynch

Cogitator Lynch in Dr. Mobius' dome in the Forbidden Zone.

Lynch is a TSC Cogitator who voluntarily underwent the Think Tank procedure, as he was near death, and is now stationed at the Dome in the Forbidden Zone as one of the three Cogitators responsible for restoring Big Mountain to working condition. However, he argues against making the Think Tank procedure standard for the TSC, as he feels it would entrench an immortal, eternal ruling class unanswerable to anyone. Still, he feels it should remain an option for the most brilliant minds of the TSC as a way to preserve them as researchers or living witnesses to history, so long as they are removed from the structure of power and the requirements to become a Think Tank are very strict. That way, the TSC can prevent the loss of the most brilliant minds around due to mortality while keeping them from amassing too much power.

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