Mothership Crew Clothing Addon is a community addon created by Flamenx01 for Mothership Zeta Crew. It adds several pieces of clothing and armors available at the Olympus Armory or at Montalbano's Clothing shop in Poseidonis.


Name FormID
EREBUS Stealth Armor xx00c277
TSC Hammer Head Armor xx015b81
TSC Heavy Combat Armor xx01325a
TSC Razorback Armor xx01b833
TSC Reconnaissance Armor xx00a24f
TSC T-51b Power Armor xx00cb72


Name FormID
Elegant Outfit (Red) xx01280c
Elegant Outfit (Yellow) xx012812
Formal Outfit (Blue) xx012811
Formal Outfit (green) xx01280e
Sexy Swimwear (Black) xx017030
Sexy Swimwear (Blue) xx01702f
Sexy Swimwear (Red) xx01702e
Sexy Swimwear (Yellow) xx01702a
Swimwear (Black) xx01702c
Swimwear (Blue) xx01702d
Swimwear (Red)


Swimwear (Yellow) xx01702b
The Highlander xx00cb7b
Thunderfist Dress Uniform xx01cccc
TSC Casual Hoodie xx01d719
TSC Casual Jacket xx00a250
TSC Casual Outfit xx00124c
TSC Casual T-Shirt xx01d717
TSC Casual Tanktop xx01d718
TSC Commander Flight Jacket xx01c282
TSC Commander Uniform xx003124
TSC Flight Jacket xx0184cc
TSC Formal Uniform xx0045b8
TSC Wing Commander Jacket xx01c281


Name FormID
Black Guard Beret (Large) xx00a24b
Black Guard Beret (Small) xx008db6
EREBUS Stealth Helmet xx00cb75
Slim Shades xx01995b
Smart Shades xx012809
Thunderfirst Green Beret (Large) xx00a24c

Thunderfist Green Beret (Small)

Thunderfist Red Beret (Large) xx00a24d
Thunderfist Red Beret (Small) xx008db5
TSC Baseball Cap xx005002
TSC Baseball Cap (Backwards) xx006edc
TSC Beret (Large) xx00a24e
TSC Beret (Small) xx00836d
TSC Field Hat xx01adeb
TSC Hammer Head Helmet xx015b82
TSC Head Wrap xx009803
TSC Razorback Helmet xx01b834
TSC T-51b Power Helmet xx00cb73
TSC Tactical Helmet


  • Version 1.5 : Added TSC Commander Flight Jacket, TSC Casual Tanktop, TSC Casual T-Shirt and Thunderfirst Dress Uniform.
  • Version 1.4 : Added TSC Flight Jacket, TSC Field Hat, TSC Razorback Armor, TSC Razorback Helmet,Slim Shaded, and four variants of swimwear and sexy swimwear.
  • Version 1.3 : Added the Highlander Outfit, Smart Shades, TSC Heavy Combat Armor, TSC T-51b Power Armor, TSC T-51b Power Helmet, EREBUS Stealth Armor, EREBUS Stealth Helmet, TSC Hammer Head Armor and TSC Hammer Head Helmet.
  • Version 1.2 : Added TSC Reconnaissance Armor and TSC Tactical Helmet.
  • Version 1.1 : Added Backwards TSC Baseball Cap, TSC Commander Beret, Black Guard Beret, Thunderfist Red Beret, Thunderfist Green Beret, TSC Casual Jacket, and TSC Head Wrap.
  • Version 1.0 : Initial Release.

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