Mothership Zeta Crew - TSC Camps and Outposts is a community mod for Mothership Zeta Crew created by KnightOfOrder (with some scripts courtesy of Ironhammer23.)

It allows the TSC to deploy various camps at strategic keypoints through the Capital Wasteland

Walkthrough Edit

After having completed the Broken Steel DLC and the Quest In Soviet Russia..., talk to Karpov to enable the outposts for free.

Each one of the Enclave outposts that appeared during the Fallout 3 main quest will be replaced by a TSC outpost. In addition to these, three new outposts are set in Andale, Grayditch and Springvale

List of outposts Edit

No. Location Officer Notes
01 Southwest of Fort Independence and Northwest of Cliffside Tops Layla Nivans
02 Southeast of Chaste Acres Dairy Farm and Northeast of Union Temple Anne Stanwood Has a research bunker under it, gathers all the research notes of former Enclave outopsts.
03 South of MDPL-16 Power Plant Sanya Mellorus
04 Northeast of Fort Constantine, beneath the water tower Nick Curtis
05 At Reclining Groves Farm James Portland Has a landing zone.
06 West of Northwest Seneca and North of Arefu Stephanie Kent
07 North of Fort Independence Ralph Evans
08 Southwest of Vault 92 Ray Timberland
10 East of Wheaton Arsenal, West of Robot repair center Jeff Nelson Previously used by the Enclave for field research.
11 On the cliff beside the entrance of the Deathclaw Sanctuary Jebediah Romney Previously used by the Enclave for field research on deathcalws.
12 East of Fort Bannister, on the North side of the crater George Harp Hosts a research base studying the crater.
13 East of Yao Guai tunnels Marie Sherman Previously used by the Enclave for field research on Yao Guais.
14 West of Oasis Valerie Mosley
15 Near Dukov's place Steve Davis
16 South of Agatha's house Frank Hobbes
17 West of Springvale and East of the Super Duper Mart Mia Faraday
18 West of Fairfax Ruins Matthew Wright
19 In SatCom tower NW-07c Colette Royce Is used as a research facility.
20 Northwest of Girdershade Claris Everett
21 At Rockbreaker's Gas Station Richard Steiner Is used as a storage zone.
22 Southwest of Satcom Tower NW-05a Edward Banks
23 Northeast of the National Guard Depot David Wilbur
24 North of Nuka Cola Factory Victoria Simmons Hosts a welfare mission directed by Governor of Civil Affairs Tanaka. Gives free food to the wastelanders.
25 Southwest of Satcom Tower NW-07c Julie Amarant
26 Between Chryslus Building and Corvega Factory Alex Jackson
27 North of Vault 101 and East of Vault 106 Kyoko Midorikawa
28 East of Jury Street Station
29 Northeast of Springvale Adam Roebuck Conducts field research on Mirelurks.
30 Northwest of Jocko's Gas station Matthew Robbins Is a landing zone.
31 Northern entrance of the Capitol Carl Hopkins Holds a strategic keypoint and ensures TSC control in the Talon/Mutant war
32 Southeast of Old Olney Marvin Wong
37 In Springvale Samara Milligan This outpost was created by ajax109.
38 In Andale Heather Cyrus This outpost was created by ajax109.
39 In Grayditch Ajax Valkorian This outpost was created by ajax109, and the Officer's name and appearance are an homage to him and his fanfiction series

Changelog Edit

  • 1.1 : Added the three outposts from the Ajax mod at Andale, Grayditch and Springvale, corrected problems with objects being wrongfully enabled/disabled, added reset button to Karpov's office
  • 1.0 : Converted the .esp into .esm to fix the crash on save problem
  • 0.9.2 : -Added 3 more outposts: Oasis, Capital Building and near Old Olney.

-Added dialogues in some camps (you can now get some free goodies once a day from Outpost 24's catering personnel). I will do all dialogues in the next release. -The deathclaw outside Deathclaw Sanctuary no longer appears in the TSC outpost. -Removed most of the Enclave troopers surrounding the outposts, where possible. -Fixed a bug where TSC turrets tried to attack neutral scavengers.

Notes Edit

  • The Enclave outpost in l'Enfant Plaza remains untouched by the mod, allowing the player to fight Enclave troops.

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