Lieutenant Kurosawa was second in command of Artemis Team, behind only the Commander (Lone Wanderer) himself.

Her weapon is an XM-586 Assault Rifle.

She was forced into a comatose state in the blast when the Western Brotherhood of Steel commandos gun ship crashed into the market.

she can be found in the medical bay in a coma, no matter what the commander does, she does not wake up.

Background Edit

Naoko Kurosawa was a soldier in the Enclave . She was never good at business and administration but she knew how to shoot and craved adventure, putting her on the path to becoming a soldier.

She at first sounds as if she would not like to have kids but reveals that she wouldn't mind if it was by choice and if she had someone by her side, claiming she'd be a terrible mother by herself also subtly hinting toward commander as a potential partner.

Trivia Edit

  • It is speculated that, in the future, there could be romantic feelings between her and the Commander. Dialogue in the GECK, however, may shoot down that idea, as she says, paraphrased, "Never with superior officers."