Commander Apartment Bedroom

The Commander's bedroom

Commander Office 4

The Commander's library

Commander Office 3

A look at one of the office's paintings

Commander Office 2

Front view of the apartment's office

Commander Office 1

The commander's office

Commander Apartment Swimming Pool

The apartment's swimming pool

Commander Apartment Shower

The apartment's massage shower

Commander Apartment Pool Table

The apartment's pool table

Commander Apartment Living Room

The apartment's living room, with a high quality television from Radiation King

Commander Apartment Kitchen

The apartment's kitchen, where the Commander and guests are served by reprogrammed Mr. Handy's

Commander Apartment Guest Bed

The guest bed

The Orichalcum Tower is the finest housing available in the capital of Poseidonis. The uppermost floor contains the Commander's apartment, containing many luxury accomodations such as a robotic staff for cooking and cleaning needs, a high quality television in the living room, a pool table, a massage shower, a swimming pool, and more.
Commander Apartment Guest Room

The guest bedroom

Commander Apartment Bar

The apartment's bar

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