TSC Erebus



First Release

February 20th, 2012

Current Release

June 23rd, 2013

Current Version



6 mB

TSC Erebus is a community addon created by Archer1 For Mothership Zeta Crew. It adds an underground base where the TSC's secret projects are developed. It was mainly designed to host projects either too dangerous or space-demanding for the Olympus.


The EREBUS Facility is located North of Vault 87 and Southwest of the abandoned Car Fort.


First of all it is necessary to complete In Soviet Russia... to build the station.

The player then needs to talk to Harkin. The building fee is at 1000 caps.

From then the player is free to wander around the base, and is able to recruit Javik if he/she makes the good dialogue choices.


  • 1.32 : Current version
  • 1.31 :
  • 1.3 :
  • 1.21 :
  • 1.2 :
  • 1.11 :
  • 1.01 :
  • 1.0 : Initial release

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Mod download :

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