The council room

The council room

The TSC Starship Council (a.k.a. Olympus Council) is the highest authority in the TSC, superior to the Poseidonis Council and the Vegas Embassy Consulate.

The Council was created to be governing body of the TSC, instead of place one single officer as the leader, who can be corrupted by absolute power. Decisions are determined by votes of each Councilor.

The members are representatives of the many TSC divisions.

They are:


The members of the TSC council.

The Commander: He is the head of state and commander-in-chief of the TSC, and highest-ranking military officer. His vote counts double as a tiebreaker.

Commodore William Harkin: He is the second in command and chief executive, by duties.

Dr. Nylus: He is the head of the TSC Science Division.

Dr. Nadia: She is the head of the TSC Biological Research Division.

Wing Commander Mallore: He is the head of the TSC Air Force.

Brigadier Karpov: He is the head of the TSC Army, only second to the Commander and Commodore Harkin.

Civilian Affairs Coordinator Ayumi Tanaka: She is the head of the TSC Civillian Affairs Division.

Intelligence Commander Schmidt: Also known as Archangel (his rank in the Seraphim). He is the head of the TSC Intelligence Division and leader of the Seraphim.