TSC Troop Deployments is an addon for Mothership Zeta Crew created by Ironhammer23. It allows the player to deploy TSC Soldiers on several locations.

Changelog Edit

Version 1.6
Added Olympus War Room (Accessible through the Teleport Hub!)
Moved reset button and deployment button to the War Room
Made Karpov visit the War room during the day.
Version 1.5
Converted directly-placed NPCs to Leveled Characters, Hopefully for greater variety in spawns.
TSC Marine now is TSC Assault Marine, Equipped with 3 Cryo Grenades and a gas mask
Added sidearms to all soldiers to hopefully avoid the patrolling with fists out issue.
Updated all deployments
Added TSC Marine Snipers
Made messages more consistent by removing the titles that some had
Fixed broken code in the Reset Button's script.
Version 1.4
Added Deployment to Arefu (2 Troop Types)Added Deployment to Big Town (2 Troop Types)
Added Deployment to Canterbury Commons (2 Troop Types)
Added Deployments to Connect paths between Canterbury Commons & Megaton, Arefu & Big Town, Big Town & Megaton, and Tenpenny Tower & Megaton
Added button to reset deployments to fix problems associated with updating the mod.
Added an auto-heal after combat script to the TSC troops.
Version 1.3
Added TSC Guardian Robot troop type
Updated all current deployments from 1.2 to also use TSC Guardian Robots.
Reduced manpower drain on the TSC by removing around 30-40 marines and adding some robots to replace them.
Version 1.2
Fixed the name of one of the male marines from "TSCMarine" to "TSC Marine"
Added deployment to The Mall (3 Troop Tiers)
Added deployment to the path between Rivet City & Megaton (3 Troop Tiers)
Added deployment to the path between Rivet City & Underworld (1 Troop Tier)
Version 1.1
Made Hammerhead Heavy Troopers Essential to prevent the player from accessing their buggy armor (If the player were to wear it, the pip-boy would be inaccessible)
Fixed scripting oversight that would cause the same messages to repeat each time the button was activated.
Version 1.0
Released The Mod. Added the ability to send reinforcements to Project purity after "Take It Back"

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